Ancient Crossroads: The Archaeology of Gaza | SAAJ 73

Archaeology of Gaza

In this episode, the Seven Ages team discusses the continuing mystery surrounding the Roman Dodecahedron and the controversy of the “Wood Age”. The team then welcomes Dr. Louise Steel from the University of Wales to discuss the ancient history and intriguing archaeology of Gaza. 

Dr. Louise Steel is a Professor of Near Eastern Archaeology at the University of Wales. In the 1990s she directed excavations at the Late Bronze Age site of Al Moghraqa in Gaza. She has also worked extensively in Cyprus. Her recent research focuses on New Materialities, exploring people’s relationship with matter and how this has been entangled in their daily lived experiences. She is a series editor of Materialities in Anthropology and Archaeology, University of Wales Press. Louise is Associate Director of the UNESCO-MOST BRIDGES UK hub, which explores transdisciplinary approaches to sustainability science, and works with Coastal TALES which examines how cultural heritage can help foster resilience to climate change in coastal areas.



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