Florida’s Moundbuilders: The Mill Cove Complex | SAAJ 74

mill cove complex

In this episode, the Seven Ages team starts the show by discussing the ongoing mystery of the Antikythera mechanism. This is followed by an alarming story from North Carolina concerning one of the most significant archaeological finds ever discovered in the state and the controversy surrounding the intended land development for a housing community. The team then welcomes Dr. Keith Ashley from the University of North Florida to discuss the enigmatic Mill Cove Complex in Jacksonville, Florida. 

Dr. Keith Ashley is an associate professor of anthropology at the University of North Florida. His current research focuses on Indigenous peoples and histories of southeastern North America, with a focus on Florida. He has been actively involved in archaeological excavations with UNF students throughout northeastern Florida, including the Mill Cove Complex since 1999.

We are also joined by Victoria Hayes. Victoria is a graduating senior in Anthropology at the University of North Florida. Her honors thesis focuses on a techno-functional analysis of pottery from the South Field area of the Mill Cove Complex. She plans to continue her research in graduate school at the University of Florida. 



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