Experimental Archaeology: Clovis Tools and Ancient Bison Butchery | SAAJ .072

Experimental Archaeology

In this episode, Micah and James lead off the discussion with an update on earthquakes, odd weather, the 2024 full solar eclipse, Mediterranean archaeology during our open segment. We are then joined by Dr. Metin Eren of Kent State University, who returns to discuss the publication of a new, highly detailed paper involving experimental archaeology. The new paper titled “Experimental bison butchery using replica hafted Clovis fluted points and large handheld flakes” is available now in the Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports at ScienceDirect.com. 

Dr. Metin Eren is a Professor of Anthropology at Kent State University. He is the founder and co-director of the Kent State University Experimental Archaeology Laboratory and a research associate at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History. He has appeared on the SAAJ episode.054 The Clovis Projectile Point, and has also appeared on two of our Patreon podcasts, the Cross-Tyme Pub and the Digging Deeper podcast. 



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