Santeria and the American South | SAAJ .070

In this episode, the team begins with the latest news from the world of archaeology concerning the controversial dating of the Gunung Padang complex in Indonesia. This enigmatic site has been at the center of international discussion for several years with clear lines of delineation being drawn between supporters of its extreme antiquity and those who dispute its authenticity as a 20 thousand-plus-year-old site. 

Next, we are joined by renowned cultural anthropologist Anthony Kail for an in-depth discussion about his new book Fieldwork with the Saints: An Ethnographic Journey into Santeria in the American South.

Anthony Kail serves as President of AnthroFolk Research Associates. Anthony Kail is a cultural anthropologist and writer. Kail has researched magico-religious cultures for more than thirty years. His work has taken him from Santeria ceremonies in Cuba to Haitian Botanicas in Harlem and Spiritual Churches in East Africa. He has lectured at hundreds of universities, conferences, and public safety agencies. Kail has been featured on CNN Online, the History Channel, and numerous radio, television, and print outlets.

He is the author of several books including A Secret History of Memphis Hoodoo from The History Press and Magico-Religious Groups and Ritualistic Activities: A Guide for First-Responders from CRC Press. Kail is an anthropology instructor at Southern New Hampshire University.



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News and Guest Links: 

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