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In this installment of the Seven Ages Audio Journal, hosts Micah Hanks and Jason Pentrail lead off the show with a discussion on the newest discoveries in the world of DNA and cultural studies. This is followed by an update on artificial intelligence and the possibilities for its use in archaeology in the years ahead, and how AI is already leading to new innovations in the field of anthropology. Then, the team is joined by the Professor of Anthropology at Ball State University Mark Hill to discuss the enigmatic Hopewell culture. 

In his first appearance on the show, Dr. Hill discusses his research on the long-distance trade networks of the Woodland culture known as the Hopewell, including the copper culture from Michigan and using various other long-distance trade materials within the realm of the Hopewell sphere. Professor Mark Hill’s research interests include prehistoric exchange systems among the Hopewell, as well as social networks, and gift economies; development of regional systems of interaction; hunter-gatherers and early horticulturalists of the upper Midwest, Great Lakes, and northern Great Plains; lithic analysis; archaeological chemistry; heritage resource management.

We discuss all of this, and much more with Dr. Hill in this special installment of the program. 




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