The Enigma of Judaculla Rock & Track Rock Gap | SAAJ .066

Judaculla Rock

In this episode of the Seven Ages Audio Journal, the team welcomes Dr. Jannie Loubser from Stratum Unlimited. Dr. Loubser discusses his work and the mythology of the enigmatic sites of Judaculla Rock, North Carolina, and Track Rock Gap in Northern Georgia. In the second half of the program, Dr. Loubser presents a special slideshow presentation of the detailed petroglyphs from both sites. 

Johannes (Jannie) Loubser, Ph.D. and RPA, is the archaeologist and rock art specialist at Stratum Unlimited, LLC.   In 1989 Johannes Loubser received a Ph.D. in archaeology from the University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa. In the same year, he also received a post-graduate diploma in rock art conservation and management from the University of Canberra, Australia.  Loubser is a Research Associate at the Rock Art Research Institute (RARI) at the University of the Witwatersrand and the LAMAR Research Institiute in Georgia.  He is also a Getty Conservation Institute’s Rock Art Network (RAN) member. He has worked on numerous archaeological and rock art projects in southern and eastern Africa, North and South America, Australia, Hawaii, and the Caribbean islands.  




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