Seven Ages Audio Journal Live: July 18, 2019

Join the Seven Ages Research Associates as we stream live this July 18, 2019 at 7 PM ET. We look forward to having you join us!

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  • James Waldo : I poured the beer
  • Christopher Moore : The main question i have, has James poured another beer?
  • Christopher Moore : Al Goodyear has said this a few times, but if the YDIH becomes widely accepted, James Kennett and Alan West and a few other that started this research probably deserve a Nobel Prize in science.
  • Micah Hanks : That's awesome to hear... Chris Corley is a very talented avocationalist.
  • Christopher Moore : Corley is helping out to analyze the artifacts recovered at White Pond the last few years. Many thanks to him.
  • Christina F. : Are you planning to head to Cahokia Mounds at any point? I've heard you mention it a time or two.
  • Christina F. : Aww, shucks. Thank you guys for what you do!
  • James Waldo : Thanks, Christina!!!
  • James Waldo : Good evening, Dr. Moore!
  • Jason Pentrail : Christina, thanks so much for all you do! It means so much to have your support!
  • Micah Hanks : Hey Dr. Moore! Great to see you in here with us tonight!
  • Christina F. : Awesome to see you guys! I enjoy your podcast very much.
  • Christopher Moore : ..often resisted with fervor and quickly deemed dead on arrival by scholars working and publishing within the existing paradigm. Historically, consensus views have often been guided as much by quests for personal gain, prestige, and for control over the driving narrative of scientific research rather than unbiased assessments of the evidence. Of course, it is a truism in scientific archaeology that “extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence”. Good scientific discourse demands
  • Christopher Moore : ...change after a particular cohort of esteemed colleagues declares acceptance of new ideas upon personal examination of the evidence. Think the acceptance of Pleistocene humans in North America at Folsom, or much more recently the supposed codification of pre-Clovis by a contingent of respected Paleoindian scholars and experts upon visiting Monte Verde. In the absence of this, new ideas in archaeology, particularly those that portend radical transformations of prevailing or consensus views ar
  • Christopher Moore : From my American Antiquity review of Across Atlantic Ice... "In social science as in science, one should never assume to know truth; only closer and closer approximations of truth. To do otherwise is to become a slave to ideolological or intellectual dogma. In practice, truth is often assumed in science within any particular scientific paradigm as the consensus view of intellectual gatekeepers. In this regard, it seems that the consensus view within any particular paradigm can only change af
  • Micah Hanks : Joining us now... The one and only RAGIN' CAJUN, Mr. Lash Leroux! One of our very favorite people.
  • James Waldo : Hey badger!
  • HoneyBadger : Hey guys!
  • Jason Pentrail : Good evening ALL!
  • Micah Hanks : And the theme has begun... welcome to the Cross-Tyme Pub, ladies and gents!
  • James Waldo : On the air!
  • James Waldo : Stand by folks, we’ll be right with you. Topping off the frosty mugs!
  • guest_9471 : The feed on my end is “Waiting ..... 6:53 pm”
  • James Waldo : Good EVE
  • Jason Pentrail : EVE!
  • guest_3828 : Good EVE, folks
  • Micah Hanks : Hi fellas!
  • guest_5871 : Good evening
  • Micah Hanks : Test... one two....
  • Micah Hanks : Good evening everyone!
  • Rhonda Rushton : Hello from Australia
  • Rhonda Rushton : Merry Christmas Micah
  • Micah Hanks : Brother GRIM! I’m just seeing your message... EVE sir!
  • Grimsteak : EVE. HOW.
  • Micah Hanks : Thanks Blue!
  • BlueOrb : Love the project!
  • Micah Hanks : Greetings
  • Josh Carter : Merry Christmas, fellas!
  • Randy Daniel : Hello from NC and congrats on your live broadcast.
  • guest_3799 : The video seems to be good.
  • Micah Hanks : Hey there Chris! THE DABBLER!
  • James : How's the video?
  • James : Welcome Chris!
  • Jason Pentrail : Thanks Chris, getting going here!!! 321
  • Chris w/ The Dabbler : Hey guys! Every thing sounds great!
  • Jason Pentrail : Its me
  • Micah Hanks : EVE
  • guest_6027 : GOOD EVE!!!
  • Micah Hanks : Welcome to the holiday show guys...
  • James : Good EVE
  • Micah Hanks : Greetings everyone!
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